"Greater Level Training is a top-notch organization. Coach J. Mitchell and his staff have a scientific based approach that will help all athletes gain the strength, flexibility and coordination to excel at their respective sports. Furthermore, he and his staff do a great job communicating with our coaching staff to keep everyone informed and up-to-date on the collective vision for our sports."


"At the end of September 2020 I was diagnosed with COVID-19.  During the next month I was in the hospital twice with double pneumonia and a blood clot developed in my right lung.  After the second stay in the hospital (not in ICU) I was determined to get in better shape physically so I would not be impacted by this again.  I started out doing very little cardio since I was unable to.  I also started doing body weight exercises as much as possible.  After several weeks of doing this I mentioned to Coach J. Mitchell what had happened and what I was doing.  Since my main symptoms were respiratory related he suggested that I stick with as much cardio as I could stand and wait on the body weight exercises.  My goal was to go back to my Pulmonary doctor after 90 days and be given the OK to stop taking the medications prescribed to me.  So I accepted this advice and slowly worked up to around an hour and a half per day on ellipticals and treadmills.  By the time the 90 day appointment rolled around a CT scan revealed that the effects of COVID-19 were all gone.  The Cardiologist I saw after that remarked “I’ve not had any of my severe COVID-19 patients fully recover in such a short period of time”.  I’ve continued with at least 45 minutes to an hour of cardio each day since then.  Thanks for the advice, I am fully recovered and in the best shape I’ve been in in years."


"As principal of Montevallo Middle School, I often sought team building activities for my faculty and staff. Coach J. Mitchell provided a very thorough wellness program for us. The program involved strength training, endurance, nutritional information and stress management. Most of the participants were middle age women. Coach J. Mitchell provided workouts that met our individual needs without being overly strenuous. The atmosphere in each session was relaxed, congenial and encouraging. He is very knowledgeable about our needs and showed a great deal of patience. We left each session with a sense of accomplishment without feeling physically tortured. This program taught me how to work out using some very basic techniques and equipment. I can truly say that my endurance increased greatly."


"I have known Coach Q. Mitchell for 4 years as our overseer for a social-emotional program at the Sawyerville Head Start/ Early Head Start."


"Along with myself, a variety of people at Sawyerville Head Start/Early Head Start had the pleasure of working with her. Once a month, Coach Q. Mitchell visited and impressed each of one us with her creativity and enthusiasm. She also gave each one of us the opportunity to express our ideas and concerns. Coach Q. Mitchell is a good leader. Her skills are strong in all of the following areas: communication, problem solving, technology, leadership, teamwork, management, planning and organization skills."


"Whoever would have thought you could get a workout sitting in a chair? Coach J. Mitchell has shown that all students, even those with disabilities can engage in exercise.  During our sessions we work specific muscle groups with upper and lower body and even some core exercises, all while using a chair. With balls and stretch bands, we work on hand eye coordination which is difficult for most students with disabilities.  Coach J. Mitchell and the Greater Level Training staff makes it fun so they don't really know they are exercising. As for our students with severe needs, the program engages them in using their arms and legs in ways that typical instruction doesn't. We have even incorporated some parts of the program into our daily routine. Greater Level Training has developed a wonderful program for us and I look forward to continuing our relationship."


"I love our program and the kids look forward to it every week."


"Coach J. Mitchell does an excellent, professional job of teaching chair exercise for senior citizens. He uses creative teaching techniques to give us a full body workout which help us to increase our strength and flexibility within a supportive environment. While he encourages us to increase our capacity to exercise, he also cautions us not to strain our muscles or injure ourselves. He understands the abilities of seniors and relates to both the group and individuals very well and is even able to make exercise fun."


"Coach Q. Mitchell is an outstanding person to work with, not only is she patient and kind, but very personable and understanding.  Coach Q. Mitchell was the Parent Leader of a pilot social emotional program at a Head Start center where I worked.  The program consisted of a curriculum which promoted healthy ways for four year old children to learn how to respond to emotional stress.  Coach Q. Mitchell’s personality along with the program parent classes, helped to aid in the relief of stress of the parents in the program, as well as the outcomes of the children in the classroom, which made a huge impact on how our families begin to respond to the program.  Besides the fact that Coach Q. Mitchell is a loving and remarkable person to all that she encounters, she identifies well with the many different diverse challenges that families face daily.  Not only did she offer group support to the families of the program, but she fostered individual family needs as they arrived.  Coach Q. Mitchell was highly professional, competent, and very valuable to our program, who in a positive and constructive way made sure everyone felt comfortable in the program."



"First, I would like to start off by thanking Coach J. Mitchell for believing in me, even when I could not see something great for myself. My journey through football was laced with hard work, understanding, discipline, and self-determination. Coach J. Mitchell has made a tremendous impact in my life. Initially, he taught me hard work and dedication in the weight room. If you are familiar with football, you will understand that lifting weights is one of the key elements of the game. You lift to not only gain strength, but also to prevent injuries. Coach J. Mitchell taught me so much early on about working hard and treating my body as a temple for success. My teammates and I learned how to lift heavy weights with the basics lifting techniques like bench, squats, and power lifts. We also learned how to involve specific muscle groups such as hamstrings, hip flexors, rotator cuff, etc. I took to his teaching quickly. He was one of the first coaches to tell me that I had a chance to play college football. At that time, I was not one of the best players on the team. He has a way of communicating and inspiring through his workouts and life in a way that you can understand. I left high school with multiple college offers. I also had an advantage over other recruits because of how complex my workouts were in high school. He led me to understand how muscles work and that you have to work out your body and give it time to heal. The information I had about strength and conditioning led me to start all four years at UAB, first team all-conference my senior year, and have an opportunity to play in the National Football League (NFL). I noticed that some of the workouts I did in the NFL were similar to my high school workouts. One thing I like about his strength and conditioning program was that he was not all about killing the athletes every workout. We maintained a good pace and utilized proper technique. He would not allow you to perform power lifts until you learned the proper mechanics. He was truly inspirational in my journey and I still use his workouts today."


"I'm more relaxed. My brain is functioning a little better even through the outside issues I have."


"My mind and body felt like they had improved. I have more energy and am more knowledgeable of fitness."


"From day one, I have experienced a positive learning environment at GLT.  During the spring semester, I looked forward to every Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday because I knew that I would be going to do something that I loved to do, train athletes. Working with middle and high school athletes can be difficult, but I learned patience and how to encourage those who had a hard time understanding certain techniques. This experience allowed me to teach others, as well as myself."

"GLT has also allowed me to travel to The Lakeshore Foundation to attend an inclusive fitness training to better understand how to serve people of all ability levels. In addition, I was able to speak with Lakeshore's athletic coaches, physical therapists, and trainers about future jobs. My experience has motivated me in more ways than one. I’ve been encouraged to obtain a certification and apply to a master's program. I wouldn’t change anything about my experience. I have enjoyed being an intern and I’m forever grateful for the opportunity."


"Greater Level Training does an outstanding job with our student athletes. The relationships they build and work ethic they are teaching is improving our sports programs daily. Greater Level Training prepares our athletes for their sport by increasing strength, agility, conditioning, and confidence as well as injury prevention. I am very excited to see how Greater Level Training improves our athletic ability in all of our baseball players here at Bibb County High School."


"Coach Q. Mitchell was a great asset to our Head Start Program while implementing a social-emotional program.  She spearheaded the program and was great at ensuring the fidelity of the program. She also had a great rapport with the teachers and parents and was able to establish strong communication with them.  Coach Q. Mitchell was great at modeling various skills that were needed for successful social adaptions in the classroom. It was evident that the program served its intended purpose under her leadership and guidance. Under Coach Q. Mitchell’s leadership, our center was recognized worldwide as a model school for social emotional learning and instruction."